Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Glory in the Air

A task took me out of the office and into the hallway right outside my door last week. The lights were out. There was a stillness not normally found in a primary hallway during the middle of the day. A door opened somewhere out of sight and a warm, loving refrain echoed down the hallway and caught my full attention:

“We give you all the glory, we give you all the glory, Christ the Lord.”

The simple melody and repeating words pulled at my heart and caused me to push aside the tasks of the morning and just stop and listen. Students were practicing in the gym for our Christmas Concert and their love of the message they were singing was tangible. What a wonderful words for our students to dwell on in this late advent season as we approach the manger gift of Immanuel – God with us!

I am not a shepherd and don’t make my living among sheep, but I think I shared something in common with those herders of long ago as I paused. For just a brief moment, in a quiet hallway, I was being drawn out of the immediacy of a task to consider and reflect on something incredible. God of heaven come down, here on earth, for us. Hallelujah!  I wonder what it must have been like to be surprised by a sky full of angels singing a song about the glory of God on that Bethlehem night long ago.

May the glory of Christmas and majesty of God’s greatest gift fill us with joy and gratitude. On behalf of the LCES Board, staff, and students we wish you a wonderful break celebrating with family and friends.  SJ

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