Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nostalgia, Stewardship, and Time

A new year is only nine days old. Does it feel normal to write 2017 yet?

Our family went on a virtual field trip over the holidays. With the help of “street view” from Google Maps, I was able to show my children the first home (5000kms away) I have memories of, my walk to school, and the church our family attended. We “travelled” down the country road to my wife’s childhood home and the places she remembered. Much to our children’s delight, these visuals were a trigger for an avalanche of stories from our past. What fun to recount the fond memories and laughable moments!
Things have changed: a second story had been added to my old house, many trees are gone, and there is no trace of the busy dairy farm that was adjacent to my wife’s home of long ago. These all seemed to be reminders that the past is not a place we can return to, or at least as we remember it.

The close of one year and start of a new one reminds us with greater perspective that, one day at a time, God lays before us new opportunities and possibilities and asks us to be wise stewards of them. When we end up in life where we don’t expect to be, or when circumstances cause us to be weary and worn, we may wish to fall back to “how things used to be.“ Perhaps nostalgia is a strong motivator because it shifts us to a place in our memory where we are surrounded by comfort rather than the complexity of making tough choices in new uncharted waters.

Do we choose preservation, or pursue possibility? They probably are not mutually exlusive. God assures us that he has plans to bless and lead us, all for his glory and for his kingdom – as our chapel this morning confirmed. May God find LCES faithful with the possibility and potential He has for us, wherever they take us.  SJ

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