Wednesday, December 7, 2016

LCES at 75: A Bright Future

I recently talked with someone about the theoretical 75th anniversary celebration of LCES in 2037. It was a fun idea to consider, both in the unknown of what will yet happen before then – like who will work at and attend our school, and also in recognizing some of the tremendous blessings the Lord has given to LCES since our 50th almost five years ago. I firmly believe that the Bright Futures capital campaign will be one of the items on the list of blessings received. I can hardly wait to tell the stories.

To their great delight, students and teachers in three classrooms walked into classrooms this morning with fresh new whiteboards installed over the weekend. They are the most recent investments in our physical learning environment that follow things like chairs, carpet, and Chromebooks described earlier in the fall.

Our committed and resourceful teachers and educational assistants are our first and greatest resource in educating our students. Their exceptional work is amplified with additional resources help us to keep up excellent learning facilities and consider new ways of helping students learn and grow. As principal, it has been so exciting and invigorating to see how small, carefully chosen additional capital investments are changing our students’ experiences and helping our teachers to consider new horizons and possibilities. We have many more project ideas we can’t wait to explore.

A very committed group of present and former LCES parents have been busy in the last 15 months working on this significant capital campaign which is heading toward completion at the end of this month. The circle has been widened significantly by extending the opportunity to participate in giving to more than 1400 present and former parents, alumni, and friends of the school. We pray for God’s provision in their response as we seek to “educate children, equipping them for a life of faithful, Christian discipleship.” [LCES Vision statement] SJ

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