Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Busy intersections

Last fall a young newcomer to our school knocked on my door and came in to share a drawing made specifically for me. Honored by the gift, I offered a very quick tour of my office. At the end of the 30 second tour showing where I work, the student asked me a revealing question: “This is all really nice, but where do you sleep?”

As a child, I remember meeting one of my teachers in a store on an evening or weekend. My world was turned upside down by considering the fact that they weren’t dressed in the same “teacher clothes”, which meant that they had a purpose (and a life) outside of being a teacher.

“Teachers teach at the intersection of their story and their student’s stories”.

I remember hearing this at a Christian School educator convention in the past. It’s true; our teachers have stories of their own. Several of our teacher’s stories are about to change in the coming months. Here are a few of them:

We want to thank Ms. Gronfors for an excellent year of teaching in grade four. We have been so blessed by her energy, creativity, and ways to challenge students to grow in all of who God made them to be. We congratulate her on receiving a teaching position at a Christian school in the Toronto area starting this fall. May the Lord bless the next chapter in your story, Ms. Gronfors.

This September will see the return of Ms. Appendino to grade four following a one year leave while she and her husband welcomed the arrival of their first child. Ms. Appendino has frequently dropped in to visit this year to referee for us, take in special events, and stay connected to the LCES staff and what we are doing.

We look forward to having her return back as a regular part of living and learning by faith at LCES.
The end of June will see Ms. Graham leaving JK for a time as she and her husband prepare to become new parents. How exciting to wait in expectation for the gift of new life! Join us in praying for God’s leading hand and protection over that young life expected to arrive this summer.

We’re excited to announce that we will be adding a new teacher this September! Alexandria Hessel will be joining the LCES staff and taking good care of our newest learners in JK. Although she knows London well and attended university here, she and her husband are far away from here as they are currently finishing a year of teaching in Sweden. She is excited that her story includes a return back to London.

Please join the LCES Board who prays frequently at the end of their meetings for our teachers who teach truth and love into the stories of our children’s lives. SJ


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