Monday, June 1, 2015

Growing Trees and Nurturing Schools

“I can’t wait to come back in 50 years and see how big they are!”
I overheard those words of expectation from a young student here at LCES after seeing the result of holes dug and many trees planted last week in various areas of our property. What vision, I thought, to look that far in the future and measure the success of something with a long view to the eventual outcome; mature trees flourishing where they were planted. 

We look forward to watching these trees grow and flourish in the coming years, much the same way that we as staff delight in watching our students grow in faith and wisdom during their years here. It is a joy to have many of our graduates from years long ago come back to enroll their children, complete practice teaching, co-op placements, lend a helping hand, or just for a visit. Like the trees just planted last week, our graduates move on from their humble “seedling” beginnings and become mature in their own way. 

LCES was once “planted” here as a seedling too, small and full of potential to grow as result of God’s blessing and provision to become a tree that now has 53 “annual growth rings” as tree experts describe. Certainly some of them indicate lean and hard times, others times of surging growth and prosperity. The tree has survived and matured to be what it is today; LCES is a vibrant, contemporary place of learning and faith. 

I’m thankful that there were visionary planters here on Clarke Rd many years ago with a shovel in the ground, a dream, and hopes of a flourishing school 53 years down the road. God has been faithful. I’m also grateful for many at present who are working to consider our maturing tree and its future. Reviewing our student program, finances, strategy, debt, and more are the tasks of today. 

May God bless the gardeners at LCES. SJ 

We are very grateful for the TD “Friends of the Environment” grant which allowed for the purchase of these trees and for the Ebert and Van Maar families for organizing and planting, as well as the grade seven class for helping to get the trees in the ground and spread mulch.

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