Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flutes and Field Day: Risk and Reward

“Every accomplishment began with a decision to try.”

So said an educational leader at an event I recently attended. I continue to hear often about both the obstacles for students in facing risk as they learn, as well as the immense learning potential of what those risk moments can give when taken. A greater sense of self, ability to work toward long term goals, and resilience are just a few of the first benefits.

A multi-year initiative has been underway at LCES to change the structure of our field day. Three years in, we are still revising but are pleased with the results so far. The goal is to attempt to acknowledge every bit of effort that every student invests in the day. Rather than give a ribbon only to the top three or four finishers, our field day structure uses the results of all of events that students complete to achieve an overall score for the day. Students receive an overall total which is compared to standards that earn them a first, second, third, or fourth place achievement. Since every centimeter and second counts, we are excited to see students reaching for their best with a sustained overall effort. We also are excited that students look to better their previous year’s achievement as they practice for the event.

New this year, we have a means to recognize risk taken and effort invested independent of the  outcome of that attempt. Students in the younger grades will be running a longer distance event of 200m. Our schedule has been revised to more easily allow school-wide participation. We are pleased to see small changes that refine the day and make it better as we learn and grow along with our students at this community event. Please feel free to come join us this Friday (weather permitting) – or better yet, volunteer for any of the remaining spots! The musical May Soirée on Wednesday will also be a means for our students to shine and present their learning to an audience.

Whether it is playing a musical solo on Wednesday night or playing at all, whether it is looking to set a new track record or to make a first successful attempt – we are excited at LCES to give students a platform to take risks and do great things. God has prepared them for just that! SJ

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