Saturday, June 2, 2018

Walking Straight And Our Christian School

A humorous CBC radio documentary on the weekend talked about a series of experiments that were conducted in 1920’s and 1930’s around the ability of humans to walk straight without the benefit of sight. While blindfolded, and in several different locations, repeated attempts were made to have someone move straight from fixed point to fixed point without curving off to the side. Most test subjects were able to start off very accurately but, without a visual reference point, would veer off and eventually find themselves close to where they started. Results were significantly better when there was someone else speaking to them to give them an auditory reference point to gauge their progress.

What a great illustration for living together and living out our school theme of One Body, Many Parts, We Belong.  We need each other! Without other people, we can easily veer off and find ourselves off track, or even worse, not make any progress. We realize that God’s gift of community is a blessing to us when we feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit though other’s words and feel comforted or inspired by other’s actions. We come to realize that we need one another more than we might have known, and are surprised by joy and the coming kingdom when we feel God working in us through others.  

Our school staff, the board of directors, and our parents are thankful for the hundreds of hours given to the school each year in the form of volunteer efforts. They help us to keep costs in check, but more importantly, those hours become part of the tapestry in which God blesses our organization with refined traditions, new ideas, connections, well-made decisions, and confirmation we’re on the right path. It’s part of what helps us “walk straight.”


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