Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Daybreak and Transitions: Telling Our Christian School Story

“The Lord wakes me up every day with a plan for the day. It’s my job to listen and act.”
With a smile and evidence of a wistful journey through memories, these were the words of an unexpected visitor I had last week. A school newsletter prompted a visit from someone part a group for whom LCES first existed only as a dream, a wish that wouldn’t go away, fueled mostly by determination and trust. Sounds like exciting times, but I’m sure it wasn’t that simple.  
Our school opened its doors here at this location in September of 1962, but that isn’t really where the story begins. There were other more temporary locations, and, before that, early meetings when there was no school, just a series of discussions (and not always agreement) about the why, how, and when of starting a Christian school here in East London.
I heard just enough of the story shared with me that it was obvious challenges were present when forming and maintaining our school in those infant years of the institution. Where will the money come from? How will we convince others to join us? Who should be on staff? How will students get to school? What should be studied? How should we grow? Who do we serve?
These questions sound familiar. I was struck by how, 60 or more years and two generations later, school leadership also wrestles with the same set of compass orientation type checkpoints. I’m glad that we still ask them and look for what our faithful response will be today.
I deeply appreciated the way my visitor described the first thought of the day as being a response to God’s call, and the trust that there already is a plan in place that Lord has prepared. We pray and work, but God’s work among us is greater still.  “Pray yourself into the center of God’s will” were wise words shared with me years ago.
As I think about new board members joining us and others moving on, grade eight students ready to transition to broader horizons, family transitions, and staff members preparing to leave with others taking their place, it is good to be reminded that there is a story and a plan that is much larger than we are. May that be the first thought we meet each day with as we keep LCES moving forward.


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