Thursday, February 8, 2018

Our Christian School Graduates: Citizens of Today and Tomorrow

It was picture day for our soon-to be-graduates last week. While I was not present for the pictures, in my mind’s eye I can see them posing for the camera. Bright, eager students who have travelled for almost 9 or 10 years down the pathway of learning and the road of faith. Looking like adults in some respects, and yet still not quite done with childhood in every way. This photo day is often one of the first prompts that makes us realize that there is a transition coming at the end of the school year.

We’ve been busy for that decade as parents and a school working toward a future that we don’t fully know. At birth, did the parents of our current graduates have any idea of the nature of the world their children would call home in 2018? Did they know the joys and challenges that awaited them, the unique nature of their children, or the ways in which they would need the Lord’s help along the journey to graduation? Likely not, but I trust that the gift or Christian education in their lives for part of that journey has been a strong voice of patterning God’s truth into their lives.  I trust the same will be true for those entering JK/SK this fall!

Whether you and your family are nearly ending or just beginning your time at LCES, I invite you spend just a few minutes with our graduate profile (linked here).  These are some of the larger objectives we value and work toward in a multi-year way, believing that that every day counts in the lives of our students.

Cardus, a Canadian “think tank dedicated to renewal of North American social architecture” follows the impact of Christian Education with great interest. They just published a document on the religious lives of Young Adults in North America. This is the landscape of our graduates and the world they will find themselves in increasingly each year.  I encourage you to take a look here.


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