Friday, February 16, 2018

Expectant Waiting at our Christian School

Waiting isn’t popular. I remember working in fast food at age 16 and being constantly pushed to reduce wait times, with a large ominous red timer staring down on us urging us to think and work faster to keep things moving. It didn’t really work.

 “Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.”              Psalm 27:14

During this season of Lent (Feb 14 – March 19) we find ourselves waiting in a time of sober reflection as we anticipate the joy of the resurrection of Easter Sunday. We know it’s coming, and yet we believe the waiting has value. Waiting forces us to watch, listen, and meditate on God’s word. It creates anticipation. It challenges us to look forward and backward in our lives to see patterns of disobedience or faithfulness. Waiting makes us realize the extent to which we need a Saviour.

I’ve found myself waiting on many things lately. Here’s my short list
  • for answers to prayers for healing for many in our community whose health is poor and future uncertain
  • for growth in the life of faith for our students and staff
  • for progress in the ongoing discussion between Christian school organizations in Ontario creating a new center for Christian Education supported jointly (schools, teachers, admin) for a firm foundation
  • for a financial pathway for our school to follow that shows abiding trust and faith and wise stewardship
  • for wisdom and guidance provided as school administration responds to the needs of the school
 What does it mean to “wait expectantly“ in an organizational setting like LCES? I believe that expectant waiting is the type of waiting infused with hope; we know that the end result that will come, is of God’s choosing, and is for our good.  Waiting with hope allows us to lift our heads and work in the assurance that everything is in His hands. God’s provision for us will be a reflection of his original plan for us as he “makes all things new” (2 Corinthians 5:17)


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