Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lesson From A Student "Ear Insides" Diagram

“I had no idea ear insides were that complicated!”

Students choosing to involve me in their learning is one of my most favorite parts of the job. Early this morning a student shared with me what she had been learning about the human ear in her class. She drew a diagram to represent the outside and inside of the human ear which enables us to hear the sounds of God’s world. Surprising to her was the fact that all of these parts first of all are “in there”, and “when they are all put together, it actually works.”

Her observation made me smile. Having worked on vehicles, home renovations, and computer
systems in my life, I can appreciate her surprise that something of this complexity works, and continue s to work for years on end. Her comment fits well with what we are doing daily in our Christian school. I think of several reasons why:

  • We want our students to know and act on the truth that they themselves are fearfully and wonderfully made as a special part of God’s creation, each a masterpiece in their own uniquely created way.
  • When our students study any part of God’s creation, including their body, that they encounter moments of awe-struck wonder and joy in deep appreciation of God’s creativity and power. This shapes a worldview that is quick to see God at work in their world, and we hope leads them to help others to see things for what they really are.
  • As our school theme “We Belong” highlights, just as human body is made of many complex parts dependent on each other, we want our students to understand that amazing things can happen when they choose to see themselves as part of a community -- of believers and learners -- able and ready to serve and to be served.

We pray that God delights in the exploration of his amazing creation each day here at LCES.


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