Wednesday, November 1, 2017

From Noticed to Known: Telling Our School's Story

I picked up a take-out pizza once while wearing my jacket with the LCES name and logo on prominent display. A disappointed and hungry customer in front of me heard that his pizza would be four more minutes, after which he immediately swung his attention to me and said “I have four minutes, tell me about that school” One never knows when these opportunities will be presented.

I attended a workshop last week that was entitled “Moving From Noticed To Known.” The presenter shared a journey of growing and maintaining a public presence in one’s internal and external communities – those who know some of your story, and those who are brand new to it.

We have an exciting story to tell here at LCES, one with deep roots and strong convictions, but also with new evidence of God’s continued blessing and provision. We hope you enjoy hearing the good things happening here every day in the stories, pictures, and postings that we share by various methods. I encourage you to share them often - in print, electronically, or better yet through conversations. 

I encourage you to reflect on LCES and consider how you might partner with us to spread the news about our school. Parents who share their thoughts joyfully about what they have experienced at our school are a huge asset to our future. A great resource to use to prepare you for conversations with potential families is our school’s website and facebook page. Another source to guide consideration of Christian education can be found at  It’s a tool not connected to one specific school, but rather frames the blessing and investment that Christian schooling entails.

I also invite you to pray for the Lord’s leading as we look to represent ourselves faithfully. Consider what your part might be in passing the message along. What’s the story you can share?


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