Monday, November 2, 2015

Power in a Christian School

"I am stunned by the ability to care for the whole person seen in Christian education" A.Crouch

Power in organizations and human relationships is a word some first associate with misuse and heavy-handedness. Many creation stories in religion begin with conflict and absolute power being used at great tension resulting in chaos and violence. The creation account in the bible records something different – power given in order and abundance for the flourishing of human life. Like all aspects of the perfect original creation, power was first intended for good and was a part of God’s design for how our world should work. Granting power and authority to humans was part of God’s plan to see a flourishing creation – where every creature of God comes to the fullest realization of its created possibilities.

Big ideas to consider on a Monday morning, and even more challenging perhaps to bring them back to our school and meaningfully connect and apply them. They are from the Edifide Educator’s conference last Thursday and Friday which our teaching staff attended. Encouragement, networking, spiritual nourishment, challenging ideas and specific training filled the days for the close to 1000 attendees. A highlight for many was the singing with treasured colleagues aligned in purpose and mission with great solidarity that raised the roof in the auditorium. The privilege of attending such an event with this large group of professionals committed to kingdom education was both memorable and helpful as we aim to offer quality Christian education at LCES.

Our school is a place where there are many “power intersections” that have the ability to cause tension or growth, friction or flourishing, pain or healing, isolation or community, stagnation or greater wisdom. Our days are filled with these opportunities and their outcomes shape our students' futures. LCES students, parents, teachers, administration, board and more all create a web of relationships  with power running through them. One of our main speakers, Andy Crouch, challenged us that leadership in this area might best be described by noting where power is exchanged and acting in those areas with intentionality and purpose. Jesus modeled for us power fully rooted in divine authority and absolute vulnerability – our pattern to emulate as his dearly loved image bearers.

We pray for God-given wisdom and spirit-led follow through in using power for His glory and praise
at LCES each day. SJ

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