Monday, November 30, 2015

Reason to Celebrate

A decorated tree in the hallway and Christmas songs being practiced just outside my office this morning remind me that only three weeks of school remain before the end of the year. I’ll easily admit it is a special time in the cycle of our school year that, although it tends accelerate our pace of activity, is a highlight that brings deep satisfaction. Having the opportunity to celebrate Christ’s birth and what it means for our world and specifically for us is a source of great joy in a Christian school. Christ is the center of the reason we exist as a school, so it is fitting that students help us to marvel at the awesome gift of Immanuel – God with us and radiate the joy that gift brings as they worship alongside the angels, shepherds, and wise men of old.

Here are few ways in which we will be celebrating the birth of Christ:

Christmas Around the World for grades 1-3 is teacher-led cultural “excursion” during which those students travel around to different classrooms to learn about how Christmas is celebrated in other places. We are reminded both of the diversity and unity of God’s people globally as we notice these cultural responses to Christ’s birth.

Our Christmas Program has been months in the making and takes place on December 16. New this year is an extra afternoon performance which we hope will allow more to come to the event. This is a fantastic event to bring someone to who you know is curious about what we do at LCES or someone who would like to get re-acquainted with us.

Pasta Lunch will be a new thing for us at LCES this year as we share a festive communal meal organized by grade four, benefiting our Student Service Project linking us to Compassion Canada. The family of LCES will gather in the gym and give thanks over this special meal which will ultimately bless others.

A Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long will take place on the last Friday. It allows us to enjoy the gift of the wonderful music by which we can celebrate Christ’s birth and proclaim him King.

School Skating for our LCES happens on the last Friday afternoon before we leave for our Christmas break. At the close of the week, this is a fun afternoon of celebrating community and good cheer as we finish out a busy month of learning and week of special events.


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