Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bugs and Crying Rocks at Our Christian School

“Mr. Janssen, I caught a bug. I think he is excited about spring!”

Visiting students where they learn and play is a significant pleasure.

Last week a proud kindergarten student exploring during outdoor centre time shared with me his prized outdoor find. A bug, creatively captured on the inside of a playground pylon. I smiled at both his delight in finding a “sign of spring” as he called it, and the idea of the insect having an emotional response of excitement to the changing of seasons.

The delight of spring warmth and sun is the change it causes in the the seemingly dead world of early spring greys and browns revealed by receding snow and ice. The velvet of green will be starting this week with hints in the form of tree buds and tender shoots emerging from last year’s dead debris. Creation around us is warming up for a spectacular renewal. It happens like clockwork every year, but if our eyes are open to it we can see it through the eyes of a child.

It reminds me of the response of Jesus to the Pharisees when they wanted him to urge the jubilant crowd praising God to tone down their joyful exuberance. “I tell you … if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” was his response. (Luke 19:40) There is no stopping God’s world responding to him.
I wonder if our students’ hands-on play with the leaves, dirt, plants,  - and even happy bugs - of God’s creation allows them to more easily make the connection to the idea of creation crying out in joyful response to their creator.  I’m thankful for the fertile soil of a Christian school where student can grow in wisdom, love, and delight in the mighty acts of God on display all around us.

Happy Spring! I’ll be listening for the cry of creation and the chance to join in.


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