Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Investing In Our Children:

I’ve noticed tuition packages starting to make their way in from our families asking them to financially commit to our next school year. The investment that paperwork represents is significant. Perhaps you, like myself, have been asked why do we do this?

It is not because our academic program is superior to all others. We work hard to ensure we provide students with a diverse and robust student program to teach skills and share content. Our learning program is delivered by qualified staff who use the best techniques and resources of our age, but we are aware that other schools also are capable of this.

It is not because we have sin parked out front, unable to enter in. Although we do enjoy an above average degree of harmony and unanimity here at LCES, we do face problems, conflict, and the results of poor choices. We frame our response to them around the idea of forgiveness, restoration, and growth.

It is not because it is easy. The long road of the oldest child starting JK or SK through to the youngest completing grade eight or beyond is full of challenges for families. It includes risks and leaps of all kinds – fiscal, social, relational, faith and more. And yet, in the words of a grandparent who shared their take with me, “there is no money I have spent in my lifetime with greater joy and satisfaction – both then as we participated and now as we watch it bearing fruit in the lives of children and grandchildren.”

It is because it is a package deal. Life at LCES is joy-filled flurry of living and learning by God’s grace. Having students at LCES makes them aware of the reality of a world affected by sin, but redeemed by the incredible love of God. It is the intertwining of faith and fact, wisdom and learning, knowing and doing. It is the daily presence of a teaching staff entirely committed and vocationally called to the craft of Christian teaching. They love each child and see them as God created them – talents, weaknesses, abilities, passions and vulnerabilities - all included. It’s a vibrant community of believers, committed to a common goal and to each other. It’s a daily pattern of faithfulness that has implications into eternity. 

May you be blessed by your commitment to “impress upon their hearts” the things of God. (Deut 6:6&7)


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