Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Whales and Stars:A Singing Creation

Late March and early April in Ontario can be kind of drab. Cooler, damp days are common. However, spring is eventually an amazing time of growth and renewal as creation wakens from a winter slumber.

Chapel on Monday morning challenged our students to see the beautiful natural world around us as more than just pretty pictures that are pleasing to the eye. Creation is much more than screensaver material after all. Every mountain stream, every sunset, the wind in the pine trees, the sea otter swimming in the outer banks, every creature, plant, bush, and tree – all of it sings out in praise to the God who made it. Even the whales and stars.

That’s right. We listened to whales and stars singing in chapel. Pretty amazing stuff, these sounds happening everyday just outside of our ability to hear. But God hears and delights in his singing creation. Here is the video we watched the concluding minutes of.

“All creation is an outstretched finger pointing toward God.”

What a thought to consider! It challenges everything around us and asks us to spend time appreciating creation’s intricacy, beauty, and size. When we do so we quickly realize how small we are and how great our God is. We serve God who make galaxies measured in light years, yet knows us and loves us individually.

Our students repeatedly encounter God’s grand creation on display in their studies throughout all their years at LCES. I’m thankful for Christian education that reminds our students to consider such things, even on a wet March morning.


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