Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Carnivals and Kingdoms

Thankful is a word on my mind this morning. We were blessed with a break from the wet, cool weather on Saturday long enough that Fall Fest was able to proceed as planned. The hallways and gym were places of delight as students revelled in their jar room finds and our community took in the sights, sounds, and smells of the event that reminds us it is truly fall.  It is a wonderful thing to see people chose to come together around not only an interest, but an underlying commitment to the value of living in connection with neighbor, and the great worth of Christian Education. I’m thankful for the countless hours of work completed by willing hands. Beyond the funds raised, we were immensely blessed with opportunity to connect.

I’m not sure carnival is the right word, but certainly the atmosphere of the day is tangibly different as everyone arrives and is caught up in the activities of the day.  It is still the same building, many of the same people, but of course all seen in a totally new way.  Furniture is moved, rooms are re-purposed, and decorations go up. Everything is different enough that we stand up and take notice.

This connects well to our chapel this past Monday Build you Kingdom Here.  A primary student proudly recited memory work to me last week. “In God’s kingdom, here is what matters:  a right way of life, peace and joy, all from the Holy Spirit.” We are blessed with these gifts of the Spirit every day as we learn and grow along with our students. God’s Kingdom is coming, and is already here.  God has done the work; our job is to stand up and look around us and see how all things are being made new again. What do we see changing? Our task is to share the good news of what see!
morning which took us deeper into the concept of our school theme,

I’m thankful our student’s eyes can be challenged to see God’s kingdom every day at LCES. May we never cease to notice and give voice to our gratitude.  SJ

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