Thursday, September 8, 2016

Reaching New Heights

The school was full of happy sounds this morning as we welcomed new and returning students and their families to the 56th year of learning by faith at LCES. We look forward to seeing our JK and SK classes tomorrow on Wednesday when they experience their much anticipated first day of school. Several staff noted how much many of our students had changed and grown throughout the summer. I overheard a student this morning remark “This fountain is lower than it was last year.” May their growth in wisdom and knowledge match pace with the centimeters they add to their height this year.

The height of students isn’t the only thing that has changed around us as we start this new year. Here are some other noticeable changes:
     Several weeks ago construction efforts started across the street on a housing development for adults with disabilities. I’ve been in contact with the developers about this interesting new project that will extend into next year. Please be aware of extra construction traffic as you arrive and depart each day.
     We trust that you have already heard about our 3:25pm & 3:28pm dismissal times. (See last week’s e-mail letter)
     Thanks for those who have submitted vulnerable sector police checks to the office. Please take care of this task soon so we can continue to benefit from the volunteers that support our school.
     You will notice that a few things will be different because of the reduction in teaching staff compared to previous years. We have carefully reviewed all the things our teachers do in addition to classroom teaching and reduced and made changes in ways we believe will allow us to preserve opportunities for students as much as possible. Chapels will not be as frequent and we will be offering a few less extra-curricular activities.
     Technology in our school has continued to move along with continued learning by our teachers in how to use it as one of many tools of learning. Chromebooks in the school will allow us to take the possibilities of learning right to where the learning happens - the classroom. Fewer desktop computers in other places has already freed up space for us to work in different ways in those places. Stay tuned for more later this fall on these developments.

As much as things change, we are elated that we serve a God whose faithfulness doesn’t change as we move into the rhythm and routine of a new year. The LCES staff and LCES Board requests prayerful support from your household as we see to the care and nurture of God’s handiwork, your children.  SJ

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