Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Being Known: A place to belong at LCES

“I have summoned you by name; you are mine” Isaiah 43:1

At a farewell chapel this morning, grade seven shared some thoughts about our grade eight students who graduate this week. Positive, fun, and yet very personal poetry surrounded words of care and support as “awards” were given to our graduates beginning their last week here at LCES. Being able to mention that someone doesn’t like cucumbers, struggles with a fear of heights, or silently serves others reveals that they have been known beyond a layer of superficial connection. Being known matters.

At a retirement open house this past weekend, former parents and students returned to thank and honour two of our staff with personal greetings. Specific recollections were shared of very clear memories of triumph and challenge on the road of learning, some more than two decades before. Learning has a relational context in which being known sets the stage for students to overcome barriers and cope with great challenges. Being known matters.

Very soon I’ll read over more than 200 report cards which chronicle a year of classroom learning. In addition to valuable data that summarizes effort, achievement, and even attitude, specific words are created that reveal a relationship in which students are challenged, encouraged, and even celebrated with words specifically designed for them. I admire our talented staff who do this well. Being known matters.

Our graduation ceremony this Friday will also celebrate and recognize each student in a variety of ways. Words are prepared that show each graduate is unique, valuable, and capable of serving the Lord in ways he has prepared for them. A “celebration of gifts” is the goal of our graduation event as we praise God for his great faithfulness. Being known matters.

I’m thankful that LCES offers a place for all of our children to be, and to be known. More importantly, through our words and actions, may they recognize that the Lord knows them by name and claims them as his own. SJ

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