Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mission Statements and Luggage: The Value of Unpacking

A podcast that accompanied me while working this weekend taught me something. I listened to an interview that highlighted the fact that Coca-Cola has a mission statement. Their mission is “To refresh the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, and to create value and make a difference.” All this from a beverage company? I was intrigued. No mention of profit, growth, or creating a thirst-quenching monopoly.

I’ve been thinking about our school’s vision statement lately. “To educate children, equipping them for a life of faithful, Christian discipleship.” The power of these statements is their simplicity and ability to focus efforts. Their challenge is that as simple statements they can remain disconnected from daily practice because they resemble well-packed luggage that is never (or rarely) opened.

Here’s is my attempt to “unpack” our valuable vision statement.

Connectedness We aim for our students to see God’s creation as an intricate, complex, and amazing example of how purposeful God is. God’s world is something to be studied as a whole, as well as in parts. 

Discernment We want our students to develop tools and have opportunities to practice, under the watchful idea of a passionate educator, figuring out what is God’s truth and what is means for them. God’s world is designed around God’s truth.

Servitude We strive to have our students live out the truth of biblically knowing as the study the Lord’s handiwork directs them to love their neighbor in every way, in everything they do and say. God’s world is one of community.

Wonder God’s world is a place of beauty and we wish for our students to meet God in new ways as they learn. God’s world speaks of his greatness.

Big things guide our learning! SJ

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