Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Balancing Spring: Faithfulness in Planning

Snow was flying outside my office window earlier this morning, despite it being the first day of spring. I was at a local hardware store recently and witnessed a very cold truck driver unloading thousands of bags of cedar mulch. The windy day with sub-zero temperatures seemed to make the start up of the outdoor garden center a very optimistic concept. But to guarantee future readiness, preparation for the upcoming surge of purchased mulch, lawnmowers, grass seed, fertilizers, and much more began months ago as factories ramped up production and purchase orders were created in anticipation.

Bringing a new school year from concept to reality is much like that process. Not yet knowing everything about September of 2016, the LCES Board, administration, and Finance Committee have been working intensely on this process of creating a plan for continuing to offer quality, Christian education at LCES this fall.

At the core of these first conversations, budget and otherwise, that set the stage is how to respond to two questions: “What is the most accurate information we can gather to do the diligent work of making a sound plan?” and “Where, how much, and in what ways do we remain hopefully expectant that our faithful God will deliver and abundance of blessing that we can’t fathom from where we stand?”

To answer both calls – to be diligent in our work of planning and be faithful in our stance of trust –
places us in a very vulnerable and humble position as a community. We don’t want to come short on
either aspect; working with dedication and praying with trust becomes our task. Investing in our children’s future is always an exciting time for us because our present actions become linked with a much larger story, that of our children’s future. May God bless us with much wisdom to follow in faithfulness!


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