Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Day of Growth

Have you ever finished a day with a feeling that you have much to think about, much to do, and much to be thankful for? I had that experience yesterday during our PD day here at LCES. It was a day of
encouragement, learning, and fellowship for our staff.

The day started with one of our grandparents in a devotional context unpacking the instruction of Christ to “Feed my sheep”. This extended conversation between Peter and Jesus has much to tell us about providing for the nurture of God`s children in an educational organization like ours. Rooted in relationships, we are humbled by God`s plan for us to be a part of teaching a generation to know God's Word and world.

We moved on to spend time working with our school`s program of study, or what we call “the curriculum.” Organizing the pathway of learning from JK-8 is of great importance and remains an on-going task as we refine the best of what we already do and incorporate new content and methods in order to be responsive to your children’s needs. Framing curriculum with essential questions as: “How do seasons affect animals in Canada?” or “Is there such thing as a just war?” helps students to learn with purpose and direction.

All staff were blessed with a hot lunch served by the LCES board. Lingering conversations over good food always grows community, something we are so thankful for at LCES.

In the afternoon we examined mental health as it relates to students in elementary classrooms. Did you know that 25% of the population will experience mental health challenges at some point in their life and that 50% of those health challenges will have emerged, at least partially, already by age 14? Statistically, one in five school-aged children will struggle with mental health in some fashion. We were blessed to have Shalem (http://shalemnetwork.org) give us tools for recognizing concerns and a framework to approach challenges.

Praise God for the abundant blessings continually showered on our school. SJ

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