Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Grateful Thinking

Baking apple muffins in JK classroom
I was challenged by an author recently to ensure that the calendar event of Thanksgiving is not only a quantitative listing of items that we have received in the last year from the Lord, but also a

reminder to live looking forward with a mindset of thankfulness and gratitude. When we live grounded in gratitude, we face challenge and tragedy with an underlying faith that there is also hope. This kind of gratefulness opens our hearts and assures us our God is with us in ways far beyond what we can imagine. God is good, of that we are sure. Living
in gratitude helps us realize that we live in grace
before the Lord who looks on us with love.

I think that is good advice for a person, and also for an organization.

Looking backward, I am thankful for:

• A legacy of faithful parents and leaders who have nurtured, protected, and guided LCES
• planned and spontaneous moments of fantastic learning that bring joy to our days at LCES
• a network of financial supporters who give generously and sacrificially
• the time and talents given by volunteers
• challenges our board has faced that have been eclipsed by evidences of God’s great provision.

Looking forward, I am grateful for:

• committed and industrious staff, working in unity and truth to achieve our school’s vision
• the space and freedom we have to operate a Christian school in our city and province
• the areas of growth and change that we will encounter to continue to make us flourish
• the energy and excitement new families and new staff members bring to our school
• growing interest in young parents in the parental choice of Christian Education
• the “Bright Futures” campaign and its future benefit for our school.

May God bless our families as we pause with gratitude and thankfulness on our hearts and praise
our great God. SJ

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