Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Shoes That Light Up

“I’m so happy to see my friends again.”
“I missed math.”
“I have a special snack for today.”
“I get to sit at a desk – like all the time!”
“I have a male teacher.”
“I’m excited to learn more about God this year.”
“My shoes light up when I jump.” 

These were some of the answers I got this morning outside when I asked students what they were excited about during the first recess break. The range of answers tells us what we perhaps already know; the school year launch means many things to many students – none exactly the same. For many of our newer students, today is a first tentative step into a new world. For others, coming back to LCES feels like returning to the comfort of your favorite pair of shoes. Either way, it
the prayer of the LCES staff that the everyday experience of school – all 183 of them - will be a source of continual delight of learning and fellowship.

The fact we ran out of chairs this morning in the gym confirms for me that many of our parents were just as excited to start a new school year as the students were. We are thankful to have your children back with us in the hallways and classrooms which were abuzz with the newness brand new school year this morning. How exciting for us all to be back together to share missing teeth, summertime stories, and new beginnings.

We look forward to working with our new school theme for 2015-16, SRL or “Serve, Respect, Love” which comes from 1 Peter 2:16-17. Students were challenged this morning that how we conduct ourselves can be a sign of what God is building among us - a strong community of faith whose conduct helps others know how to live life God’s way.

Remember to pray for our board of directors, teachers, and staff throughout this year as we work in faith with your children. To God be the glory.


P.S. Be sure that you reserve time next Thursday evening, September 17, for our Back-to-School BBQ. There will be something new and different this year – stay tuned for more details!

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