Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Who works at LCES? (Part 2)

It takes more than teachers to run our school. We are blessed to have a team of support staff that
work very hard to help make LCES a great place to live and learn.

Our bus drivers are a group of people who rise early and work late as they shuttle our students to and from school. Did you know that they travel more than 500km collectively each day? Think of how many starts and stops, turns, pickup and drop-offs that is. We are thankful for their steady hands and precision driving.

Our educational assistants work to support classroom learning for individual students, small
groups, and in some cases entire classes. They give time and attention with task-specific help for
students who flourish under their care, and in other situations they free up a teacher to do the
same while they supervise.

We have an office administrator who is the front lines of communication, ordering, dealing with sick children and injured children, accepting and sending deliveries and so much more. We get dizzy when we watch her work and can’t imagine what it would be like to work without her as the first face many people see at LCES.

Our bookkeeper keeps us straight in all things finance, ensuring that all funds coming in and going out are carefully reviewed. She spends hours poring over pension contributions, benefits, invoices, deposits and ensures that we are using money in ways that are responsible and stewardly. Not an easy task!

Our custodians bless us with a clean and bright place to work in every day. Daily routines of taking
care of everything from slush covered floors to germ covered doorknobs are handled with care. We
appreciate their diligence in handling many jobs that most people who prefer not to do at all.

And while they are paid only in the delight of helping where needed, we have dozens of volunteers who work here too. They contribute with the gift of time and talent to help our school achieve its mission and vision. Our school is made stronger by their willing efforts.

Praise God for these rich blessings of people who make LCES a great place to be! SJ

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