Monday, January 19, 2015

Thinking Forward

Commit your work unto the Lord, and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

Even though it may feel like the Christmas tree only went down a few days ago and the first day of school in September of the 54th year of LCES is a long way off, the reality is that we are already launching into planning mode. Equipping God’s children to live a life based on biblical wisdom and active service in His kingdom will carry on in September.  As an organization, we trust that our faithful God will provide – both now as we plan and then when we see those plans come to reality.
Here is what you can do as a participant in that process:

Pray. Join us in seeking the Lord’s call for us as a school as we get organized for another year. We do believe it is our task to be wise, prudent, and diligent, and yet we also know we need to remain open the Spirit’s prompting to direct us to follow in faithfulness. Pray for clarity and conviction for school leadership to make key choices and set a path forward.  

Talk. Your experience speaks powerfully to others who might be more open to the conversation about Christian schooling as an option than you might think. Telling the stories of our school to others is important. Our open house events and enrollment efforts are made more powerful by parents who talk up the school. The more you do it, the easier it becomes!

Get involved. The cycle of leadership terms on the board and sub-committees has people ending and starting times of service constantly.  Prayerfully consider if perhaps you might be called to use your gifts and talents in support of the school in this important way. 

Communicate. It cannot be emphasized enough that part of getting our school adequately prepared is having the most accurate data possible. As parents you should have received a request to pass on your intentions for next year. The more timely and honest your answers to those questions are, the more effective we are as we organize a budget, arrange staffing, and consider class composition as the planning stages unfold.

For our school,  SJ

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